What is the consequence of holding on to the power bank?

After the period of 3 days, failure to return the rented power bank to a DCPB Power station will cause the power bank to be regarded as purchased. If this happens, a sale fee plus tax of thirty-five dollars USD ($35) will be charged to your credit card. The power bank can be charged with a computer, or a standard Micro USB cable plugged into a wall outlet.

How long can I rent a Power Bank?

Renting duration will be effective exactly 5 minutes after a power bank has been rented. A borrowing period that is less than 60 minutes will be rounded up as an hour. The day the power bank is returned to the station will mark the conclusion of the rental period. For any extra days after the rental duration, a very small amount of rental fee + tax based on location will apply for every 24 hours of keeping our device. After 3 days lapses, your rental duration has expired, and your portable power bank is considered purchased.